Religious and Moral Condition of Upper Secondary School Students throughout the Years 1988-1998-2005-2017

978-83-8180-855-2/Janusz Mariański/2024/744
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A sociologist is able to track changes in social, moral, and religious condition of successive generations of Polish youth. With respect to moral and religious condition, the slow succession of one generation by another may lead to significant changes in society as a whole. This would mean that the transmission of religious and religiously motivated values and moral norms in the family would be disturbed, or perhaps even interrupted. Picture of the Polish youth is volatile and diverse, be it today or during the past several years. Especially the latter view seems extremely important, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. Contemporary youth changes dynamically and in short intervals, in diverse ways depending on a given social environment.


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978-83-8180-855-2/Janusz Mariański/2024/744

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